To make chocolate, you need three ingredients.

Cocoa. Cocoa butter. And a little bit of sugar.

And that's it ? Almost.

We have also added to our recipes a hint of passion and a great deal of know-how. This love for chocolate, we share it together: Axel, chocolate creator trained at Ferrandi School, who wonderfully masters the art of chocolate & Olivier, who had a long career as a sales executive in industry.

Once our place found in Poissy, we had to roll up our sleeves to create our project. In Atelier 114, everything is homemade, even the layout of our store!

Our workshop-store offers chocolates made with exceptional ingredients selected with great care.

Since the creation of Atelier 114 in 2017, Axel has been producing a variety of recipes that have been tested and validated as a team to seduce and excite your taste buds. With us, the manufacture and sale of chocolate are in the same space because we prefer the proximity and are inflexible on the quality and freshness of our products.

Chocolate is a fragile and delicate pleasure.

Come and meet us at the workshop, and we will make you (re)discover the happiness of the subtle and true taste of chocolate, without too much sugar, with our traditional and innovative recipes.

Meet us


114 rue du Général de Gaulle, 78300 Poissy


+33 (0)1 30 74 65 05


Tuesday to Saturday - 10h to 19h

Sunday - closed during the summer

Car park

Place de la République



10 minutes walk from train station / PSA tertiary pole site

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